Our Best Poultry ERP Solutions

feedmill management System
Feed Mill Management System

Feed Mill Management web application helps us to design feed formulae as per desired type of breed, age group, season and nutrient values. It helps to control unnecessary production.

  • Feed formulation
  • Automatic production cost calculation
  • Batch-wise process-loss
  • Maintaining stock
  • CRM mobile application for sales executive
contract broiler farming
Contract Broiler Farming (Integration)

Contract Broiler Farming web application is specially designed to enhance broiler management in order to increase profitability. It keeps all day to day activities smoothly. This module is designed for open farmers, small integrators and corporate companies.

  • Capture real time data
  • Calculates farmer/supervisor performance
  • SMS alert in case of abnormal results in FCR & mortality
  • Calculate batch-wise profit & loss
  • Auto production cost calculation
breeder management system
Breeder Management System

Breeder Management web application is designed for those industries who wants to get high production from breeder batch. It monitors and addresses any unnatural condition occurred. One can analyse performance of different types of breeds.

  • Livestock analysis
  • Per bird and per egg production cost
  • Standard vs actual comparison
  • Flock performance
  • Calculate batch-wise profit & loss
hatchery management system
Hatchery Management System

Hatchery Management web application is designed exclusively for the hatchery to help in record keeping and decision making. POLOXY® ERP system covers all aspects of hatchery. A person with basic knowledge of computer can easily use this software.

  • Generates hatcher & setter-wise egg stock
  • Per chicks production cost
  • Hatch report
  • Temperature reading
  • Party-wise hatchability
trading management System
Trading Management System

Poultry production is big business throughout the world. Whether trade in poultry is new or already established the participants will maintain an expansion of an existing market. Trading Management System is used for sale and trade listings of poultry breeds as well as poultry Chicken.

  • Vehicle-wise bird stock
  • Shrinkage report
  • Batch-wise feeding & mortality
  • Vehicle crossing details
  • Trader-wise outstanding
processing management System
Processing Management System

Broiler bird processing module is next generation ERP system which carry unanimous role in monitoring day to day operations in a processing plant.

  • Maintaining cut-up part stock
  • Shrinkage report
  • Production from live bird to cut-up parts
  • Work centre-wise stock
  • Drip loss report
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